PVC Suction Hoses


PVC suction hoses are most suited for suction and delivery of liquids or gases in varied applications with its biggest strength against rubber being convenience. Hoses are convenient, lightweight and flexible.

PVC Suction Hose is used in agriculture, fluid and chemical transfer, Vacuum Lines, General Water Suction & Discharge, Hopper Feeder Lines for Resin, Irrigation Lines, Mining Pumps, Food & Syrup Handling, etc.

The hose is composed of spiral reinforcement of Rigid PVC into Soft PVC

Application of PVC suction hose

  • Used with electrical Mono block and oil or diesel engines
  • Used in all types of water distribution in both irrigation and agriculture
  • Suction and delivery of saline water, light acids, alkalies and other light chemicals
  • Conveying of raw materials in granular form
  • General pumping & suction application in agriculture industry & construction

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